Features of IQF Freezing

Application of Individual Quick freezing (IQF):


IQF stands for individual quick freezing. It is a common freezing method in the foodservice industry and consists of freezing individual pieces of food separately from the other pieces at extremely low temperatures. The IQF foods are then stored in freezer safe storage containers or bags and are available for easy thawing. IQF is also referred to as flash freezing, quick freeze, or super freeze.

Application of Individual Quick freezing (IQF):

Fruit vegetables processing

Meat fish Processing

Ready to eat products

Other Cooked Food items

Features of IQF freezing

Rinac offers IQF freezer unit along with matching refrigeration packages,[ liquid over feed type ] all are ready to install at the site.

Modules of capacity ranging from 250 to 3000 kg/hr.

Enclosure made of energy efficient sandwich panels with RPUF core and stainless steel /per-painted GI metal lamination inside and outside respectively.

Stainless steel finish floor with built in drain system.

Single or multiple belt unit of SS/ PE / POE.

High static fans for excellent fluidization.

Variable speed drive with motor control VFD

Varying fin type Cooling coil of SS tubes/aluminum fins suitable for ammonia liquid pumping.

PLC based control panel with Touch screen and product based operation modes.

Automatic Air defrost system [for Straight line IQF] with unique FROST BUSTER. Vacuum Freeze Dryer Manufacturer - Guanfeng offer more helpful articles and technical papers, please visit https://www.gf-machine.com/product/vacuum-freeze-dryer/